ADS Technology

Keela’s Active Dispersal System (ADS) is the ultimate moisture management system.

Its specially structured star yarn rapidly removes moisture away from the body, dispersing it over a large area for fast evaporation into the outside atmosphere, keeping you drier for longer.
The moisture management is inherent in the manufactured construction and cannot be washed out, ensuring it lasts the lifetime of the garment.

ADS also protects from the sun’s harmful rays and has a UV protection level of +40.
ADS works in harmony with your body, providing maximum comfort during periods of high activity outdoor sports.

Keela’s ADS garments are perfect for use worn individually in warm weather or as a base layer in conjunction with a layering system in colder environments.

ADS fabric technology for militarty clothing

ADS Thermal is the ideal thermal control layer for active use.

Constructed from our ADS star yarn fabric with an added layer of thin fleece on the inside, ADS Thermal is excellent at heat generation without the bulk of a fleece yet is highly breathable.

ADS Micro Thermal Laminate forms an integral part of Keela's SDP system.

It is used as a waterproof and highly wicking lining system next to the skin, actively wicking moisture away from the body whilst keeping the user dry.

The additional weight of the base fabric and brushing ensures a high thermal property and protection in extreme conditions.