Keela Tactical Solutions

Fabric Technology

System Dual Protection

System Dual Protection, our unique double layer fabric system, is extensively used in specialist military applications. The tough, durable outer layer ensures it can handle wear and tear while a lightweight inner layer offers comfort and creates the ‘Air Gap’ to build up warmth. Waterproof, breathable and warm, SDP reduces inner condensation to keep the wearer protected.

Innovation Series

Designed for the highest hills and tallest mountains, our innovation series has been developed to be the last word in high end waterproof/breathable performance fabric.

Rainlife Series

A great all-rounder, the Rainlife series is lightweight and ideal as your outer layer when you want to stay dry, being both waterproof and breathable.

AirXtream Series

A combination of materials brought together in one performance system, the Air Xtream series features and outer woven stretch component treated with a highly durable water repellent finish, which is then bonded to a hydrophilic membrane. Finally, the lining absorbs the moisture and reduces condensation.


Stretch-Tec features Lycra yarns in the fabric to provide superior stretch and comfort. An easy care fabric, Stretch-Tec’s ease of movement and fast drying properties make it idea for use all year round. The tightness of the weave construction also provides protection against the wind.

Zetland Series

The ideal fleece fabric for outdoors, the Zetland range is soft touch yet hard wearing. The 100% polyester fabric is tightly knitted, providing excellent thermal properties and insulation. All the fabrics within this range are non-pill, easy-care, high wicking and quick dry.

ADS Activewear

The ultimate moisture management system, ADS is able to rapidly disperse moisture over a large area for fast evaporation.

CADS Activewear

CADS uses the same dispersal technology as our ADS, but with added anti-microbial technology.

Merino Wool

One of nature’s most comfortable fabrics, Merino wool lets you warm up quickly without overheating. Ideal for almost all activities and with great breathability and antibacterial properties, Merino makes the perfect comfortable base layer.