Rapid Response Shirt

The Rapid Response Shirt (RRS) from Keela has been especially designed with the armed response officer in mind, with improved comfort and durability as well as state-of-the-art fabrics that allow the officer unrestricted movement in whatever situation they find themselves.

Designed to be worn with armour, and similar to our combat shirt, the RRS has an improved soft collar design to reduce rubbing from the armour when in vehicles, and an improved sleeve pocket design that allows for better access. Fitted with contoured elbow pockets, allowing the individual to fit joint protection to provide better
protection and comfort when handling all weapon systems.

On each forearm is a soft slate card window and pen pocket for memo boards to allow officers to access quick referencing for all important information.

The torso is constructed with the Advanced Dispersal System (ADS) stretch fabric that is able to perform and transfer perspiration more quickly than Coolmax while also working with the movement of your body. The torso section has been extended in length to ensure that the shirt stays in place and does not ride up when getting in and out of vehicles or buildings.

Fabric: ADS Activewear

Sizes: XS - 3XL

Colours: MultiCam®, Black, Wolf Grey, Indian Army Camo

Please note: MOQ's may apply to orders of some colourways


Inherent moisture management which cannot be washed out
Quick drying, comfortable and hardwearing
Contoured elbow pockets
Tactical memo board pockets (boards sold separately)
Longer torso length for added comfort
Works with the movement of the body through all activities
Asymmetric sleeve pockets with loop panels for ID markers
Full FR non-drip versions available

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Tactical Range

Our Tactical range provides Police Armed Response Teams and Specialist Military and Security Forces with low-visibility protection in urban, suburban and industrial environments.

Born from the urban sprawl, the range is optimised to break up the wearer’s outline, where black creates more contrast and separation.

Keela’s tactical range helps maintain low visibility whilst in urban environments. A full range of our tactical uniforms is available in all colours, including full FR, anti-static and non-drip, rapid response shirts, and lightweight and tactical assault pants with full joint protection options.