Keela Tactical Solutions


Our Insulated mid-layer garments are designed to work individually or as part of the layered system.

Using Primaloft’s premium Gold product for warmth without weight, ensuring complete protection and comfort.



Primaloft are market-leading experts in performance insulation. Engineered to be highly performing, Primaloft insulation keeps you warmer, softer and drier – boasting accelerated dry times, enhanced breathability and a superior hand-feel and softness – and unlike Down insulation, Primaloft retains its ability to keep you warm even when wet.

What Sets Primaloft Apart

Primaloft insulation features the smallest fibres in the industry – less than one denier.

Smaller fibres trap greater quantities of air, resulting in superior thermal performance and a softer feel, just like real goose down. Tiny fibres create a very tight surface tension that causes water molecules to bead up on the surface of the insulation. Primaloft® fibres also compress significantly more than other insulations.

Primaloft Keeps You Warm Even When Wet

Primaloft fibres are permanently coated with a treatment which dramatically reduces the amount of moisture the fibres can absorb, while making them water-repellent. The fibres absorb approximately 100-250% weight in water, while typical polyester insulations gain from 400-1000% their weight in water.

When fibres absorb moisture they conduct heat away from the body much faster than dry fibres. Because Primaloft fibres absorb a reduced weight of water Primaloft insulation maintains the highest percentage of warmth when wet over other insulations.