Shelter Sheet

The shelter sheet manufactured by Keela sometimes referred to as the “Basha Sheet, Tarp, Poncho” is designed to provide protection from both overhead and on the ground conditions.

Protecting against rain, snow, wind, sun as well as dust & sand this shelter is designed as a versatile, multi-use system that can be erected in numerous configurations including, but not limited to:

Lean to
A Frame
Plow Point
Sniper / OP Hide
Ground Sheet

With multiple tie off loops, eyelets, loops and webbing loops this system can be erected between trees, bivi poles & walls or tethered to vehicles, as well as being used as a wrap-around for the emergency protection of personnel, equipment and rations.

Measuring 2600mm x 2160mm with a central seam in the length direction which is reinforced with webbing and handle points, allowing the shelter sheet to be used as an emergency stretcher.

Fabric: Polyurethane Coated Nylon

Sizes: One Size

Colours: MTP


Polyurethane-coated nylon
Welded seams
2600 mm x 2160mm giving large coverage.
100% Waterproof in the heaviest downpours
Reinforced eyelets & handles
25 Tie-off / supporting points

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