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Keela Tactical
Keela Tactical

Designing and manufacturing Military solutions used across the globe

For the Modern Soldier
For the Modern Soldier

Our kit has been designed with the needs of the modern soldier in mind - articulated arms for enhanced movement, and a variety of pockets and anchor points

All Season Protection
All Season Protection

Our ECWCS includes a full layering system including outer whites and inner thermal layers for full arctic protection

Latest Tech
The Latest Tech

Our range includes high performance outer layers which are IRR and have a reduced thermal signature, so you can stay concealed when you need to avoid attention



Providing Unique Protective Clothing Solutions for Specialist Customers across the globe, we are Keela Tactical. A British garment manufacturing company working with Military, Tactical, Emergency Services and other armed forces sectors for over three decades. Our blend of rich history in advanced garment technology and construction makes us uniquely placed to provide top-to-toe solutions for a variety of defence specialisations. We pride ourselves on an advanced approach to garment design and are constantly working to improve our range of protective clothing according to our core beliefs and brand values.

Innovation, Quality, Technology
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