Providing Unique Solutions for Specialist Customers, we are a British manufacturing company who have worked with the emergency services sector for over 30 years. We are uniquely placed to provide top-to-toe solutions for a variety of specialisations, having full control over our manufacturing process and access to a range of expertise.

As well as our specialised ranges we also offer a bespoke customisation service, allowing for either existing garments from our range to be altered or for an entirely new garment to be created to meet your unique needs.

Innovation, Quality, Technology


Operating Across All Environments

All of our ranges have been created with a specific challenge in mind, and have been designed to sovle the problems inherent in each of these situations. This includes protecting the end users
in the most challenging environments across the globe, ranging from the freezing temperatures of the highest battle fields in the world, to the hot and humid conditions of deserts and jungles.
We focus on the technology, so you can focus on the job at hand


Protect and Defend

We can offer bespoke protection to international standards; • Anti-static • Flame retardant • Chemical protection • Insulation • Anti-microbial • Insect protection • Durable water-repellent • Waterproof • Condensation control