Our Core Beliefs

Keela Tactical was built on the foundation of IQT – Innovation, Quality, Technology.

We pride ourselves on our approach to design and research, and constantly work to improve according to our core beliefs – Innovation (IQT) Sustainability and Community.

our core beliefs as a manufacturer of military and tactical clothing

Keela Tactical design, innovate, manufacture and supply specialist tactical and operational clothing to Military, Police, and other armed forces sectors. For over 30 years our products have provided enhanced user experience - improving mobility, protection and comfort.

As well as our specialised Military and Tactical ranges, we also offer a bespoke customisation service that is perfect for specialist protection agencies, police forces and other emergency services. This bespoke service can be adopted to either existing garments from our range or can be implemented into bespoke solutions tailored to our customer’s requirements.

All our clothing is manufactured in our wholly owned production facilities to ensure confidentiality and supply chain security for all our clients and we do not produce or source any materials from any country that pose a threat to the western world or our allies.

We strive to fulfil our responsibilities on reducing our environmental impact by consistently monitoring and improving the way in which we operate.

Keela Tactical took the decision to ban harmful substances such as harmful PFCs and PFOs, including PTFE laminates in all our products and source raw materials from sustainable sources - allowing us to design and manufacture products that are durable and last longer, reducing numbers of garments sent to landfill. We also donate surplus materials to charities.

What’s more, our clothing hospital will extend the life of your kit by repairing anything from a tear to a broken zip - better for you and better for the planet.