System Dual Protection

SDP (System Dual Protection) is Keela Tactical’s acclaimed waterproof performance material.

System Dual Protection Military Waterproofing technology

It is the only waterproof material to keep you dry from inner condensation which occurs in all waterproof breathable materials making the user feel damp and wet.
Its unique double membrane system protects the wearer from condensation by preventing it from reaching the inside using a special lining and removing it out of the garment system through strategically placed evacuation panels.

SDP was awarded the QUEENS AWARD for INNOVATION and is used and trusted by Military, Mountain Rescue, Police and other Emergency Services.

Just like condensation on a window or in your car, your jacket can build up moisture on the inside.

You’ve seen it before, you find your new jacket has moisture inside after a good half hour of physical exertion.

     But why?

Although it may look and feel as though your jacket is letting in water, the moisture is in fact caused by condensation building up inside.

Think about your car windscreen on a cold day… fogging up due to the temperature difference between the inside and the outside - force ventilation is needed to clear the moisture.

Just like that, no waterproof garments breathe in wet or cold conditions, no matter what marketing hype may tell you. Breathability claims can be made, but with the international test standards being set in dry conditions at 21°C and above, the results are far removed from the conditions in which we expect our products to perform.

Here at Keela, we have developed our award-winning System Dual Protection (SDP) which uses a simple 2-layer concept that manages inner condensation accumulating inside the garments during wet and cold conditions.

SDP features a tough and durable 100% waterproof outer layer, which can handle wear and tear whilst protecting you from the elements, and a lightweight inner layer laminated with a hydrophilic (water loving) membrane which rapidly transports the moisture (sweat and condensation) away from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable.

With this 2-layer system, an “Air Gap” is created which helps to build warmth, allowing for the body’s temperature to be regulated, minimising shivering when inactive.

System Dual Protection is used by Emergency Services & Mountain Rescue and is a popular choice with the outdoor community.