System Dual Protection

System Dual Protection

The Science

SDP is a unique double layer fabric system with an innovative ‘Air Gap’ concept. The tough/durable outer layer ensures it can handle wear and tear while a lightweight inner layer offers comfort and creates the ‘Air Gap’ to build up warmth. SDP is waterproof, breathable, warm and reduces inner condensation to keep the wearer protected.

Extensively used in specialist military applications, this technology has since gone on to be successful with tactical forces, mountain rescue and Emergency Services who require performance clothing that works as hard as they do, all day, every day. Used extensively here at Keela, System Dual Protection has become a popular choice with the outdoor community and has subsequently been used to conquer the world’s toughest mountain summits and survive the harshest Arctic winter’s conditions. In recognition of SDP’s success it was awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

breathable waterproof fabric technology

The Problem

Have you ever wondered why you feel wet inside your non Keela waterproof clothing? No matter which jacket you choose, whether it is one of the main market leaders or a lesser known brand, the results will always be the same… as you start to carry out any physical exertion moisture will build up inside your jacket that will soak your base layers and start to lower your core temperature. Most think that the outer jacket is letting in water or leaking, the moisture is in fact caused by condensation which builds up inside your jacket when it rains or when the temperature is around 14°C or below.

Most of our users are out in all weathers in every corner of the globe and the above problem can have catastrophic consequences. No matter how breathable your jacket claims to be, there is no, or very little, breathability in cold or damp conditions. Compare it to a car windscreen on a cold day which has to be force ventilated to clear the moisture, or when glasses fog up in the cold or rain due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside.

The SDP Solution

Use an outer fabric, which is coated with a high breathable membrane, along with an inner condensation control lining, which has a high wicking hydrophilic membrane laminated onto it (this actively draws moisture away from the body).
1. The two layers of fabric increases durability and creates an “Air Gap”
2. The air gap provides a natural thermal barrier, protecting against body heat loss and reducing the need for bulky layers. The SDP system is rated to -0oC (-5oC extreme).
3. The hydrophilic membrane rapidly transports moisture (sweat and condensation) away from the body and the base layer clothing, keeping you dry and comfortable even in the
heaviest of downpours.

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